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We Love Our Gym Rats!


Coach - Since starting at Gym Rat Boxing you've really helped me take my workout to the next level. I've lost weight and more importantly inches. Just in the last few months I've maintained my weight, but I've lost almost 2 inches in my waist, 3 inches in my hips, and I've gained half an inch in my biceps.

You've helped me achieve a fitness level that I didn't think was possible
for me as a mother of four. As a coach I love that I can count on you to
push me and make me sweat. All of your workouts keep me challenged and none of my muscle groups feel ignored. 

I also love the NO judgments atmosphere you have at Gym Rat! The people at Gym Rat Boxing are a great group of people to have in your corner cheering you on when you're struggling or pushing hard. I'm so glad I found Gym Rat Boxing and all of your Gym Rats! 

I'm proud to call myself a RAT! :o)




Joe RogowskiCoach Todd gives 100% with his workouts. The Boxer's Workout is an excellent way to build physical endurance as well as mental fitness. I highly recommend Gym Rat Boxing & Fitness to anyone looking to add an edge to their physical fitness regime.

- Joe Rogowski
  Strength & Conditioning Coach
  Orlando Magic NBA



In the late 1970s, I trained for about a year at a boxing gym in Dallas named "Doug's Gym." It was a great experience for me, and always hoped that someday I would get back to learning some of the many skills that boxing requires.

I started working with Todd, and since then, I have realized that what I picked up in Dallas was only the beginning, and that even in midlife the study of boxing with a qualified trainer offers many challenges and rewards. The boxer's routine of skipping rope, learning to work the speed and heavy bags, and doing pushups and sit-ups will keep almost anyone toned and fit from a cardio perspective. But there is another level of fun and satisfaction that comes with practicing the footwork, combinations and strategy that boxing demands.

Todd's extensive experience and his enthusiasm will inspire anyone who wants to train with him. Todd stresses the basics of good form and fitness, and is  a patient and dedicated teacher.

Whether you are looking to drop a few lbs., or want to fight competitively, Todd can help you achieve your goals. I count myself as fortunate that I have been able to work with him, and would strongly recommend him to anyone who wants to learn more about the sweet science of boxing.

 - Paul McCaskill
   Orlando, FL


Many things go into the training of an elite athlete. The selection of trainers and coaches is possibly the most important. When I qualified for the Women's Tri-Fitness World Championship in February of 2002, I knew I needed the best. My trainer introduced me to Coach Todd and he became my new cardio and conditioning coach.

Aerobics and Step classes are a dime a dozen, but the introduction of a boxer's workout to my training program really added a new dimension to my training...I also learned a new sport, and how to defend myself more effectively...Thanks in part to Coach Todd's training, I placed 9th All Around at the Women's Tri-Fitness World Challenge in 2002 out of 120 contestants...Coach Todd helped me realize my dreams of being a fitness champion."

- Nicole Weeks
  Fitness Competitor
  Lake Mary, FL


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Proud Member and Coach of USA Amateur Boxing
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Professional Boxing Trainer
State of Florida, License # 1886406

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